West Virginia is changing. The shale gas industry is becoming the major player in job creation and the vast possibilities that could spawn off this industry could help lead to energy independence for the USA as well as bring good paying manufacturing jobs to West Virginia. We can not cling to the "this is the way it has always been done" attitude. Change has already started but this is just the beginning. West Virginians and its public officials need to fresh strategies to embrace the economic opportunities that are being offered.  

     Let's move past the same old politics and govern by what is best for the people of West Virginia, I ensure you that I will research each bill, seek opinions from those that the bill affects and educate myself so to make the decision that is best for West Virginia and the 8th District. The 2014 election year is here and with your votes I can be that Delegate and I look forward to earning the right to represent the 8th District in the West Virginia Legislature. It would be an honor to serve as your next representative in the West Virginia House of Delegates. Together we can work to do what is best for Northern Wood County make a Better West Virginia.




Sunday, March 16, 2014 8:14 PM

WV Center on Budget and Policy on Skills Gap

Interesting article put out by the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy about "skills gap" in WV. Click here to read. I have been able to work in many areas around the United States and I know that I would put the workers in West Virginia up against any other workers in the world. West Virginians have the work ethic needed to succeed and have the skills to compete, as well as, ability to continue to develop their skills. West Virginians deserve to earn what their work ethic and skill levels are worth. Lets get West Virginians to work in good paying jobs with benefits so less are in need in government assistance to live.

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